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Does the modern home require reinvented windows?

Windows are essential to establishing a home’s appeal and safeguarding it is as thermally efficient as possible in the long term. As such, homeowners reasonably take a lot of care when deciding which window solution best suits their property, balancing aesthetic appeal with practical concerns such as ongoing maintenance, thermal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Wood effect windows are durable?

Tiber windows remain popular for over recent years, there has been an ever-increasing demand for window systems that are attractive and can provide savings on energy bills. As a result, uPVC has become an increasingly popular option for homeowners, in place of traditional wood.

Though the popularity of wooden windows endures, ongoing innovation has led to the development of a near-identical uPVC wood grain effect foil for windows and doors. As a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to timber, these uPVC solutions offer that prized, traditional look, alongside excellent thermal efficiency and durability.

Windows will always be a key part of a home’s curb appeal, so it is natural that you want good-looking, practical options for your house. Due to their appealing aesthetics, timber windows have tended to be the first choice for homeowners with traditional-looking houses.

However, maintaining real timber can be very expensive, and can represent a hidden cost for homeowners. Today’s PVC wood effect windows can provide market-leading heating performance and robustness while enjoying market-leading security ratings while mirroring the look of its timber window counterpart.

How do uPVC windows look like wood?

Evolving uPVC wooden window technology has led to many homeowners realizing they can have it all – the traditional look of wooden windows, and the excellent performance of uPVC. This is in contrast to when PVC was introduced to the market in the 1980s, where you needed to choose between expensive-to-maintain timber, and uPVC double glazing, which was often only available in white and would jar with the appearance of a traditional home.

Faced with this challenge, uPVC solution manufacturers have developed uPVC timber effect windows. These solutions, which include white wood grain effect uPVC windows, convincingly mimic original wooden frames. As a result, uPVC windows with ‘wooden’ frames can offer the practicality and performance of white uPVC windows, while also providing the visual appeal of original timber.


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