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Let the noisy world stay out

The feel of a beautiful home is further enhanced if there is peace and quiet inside. Tarana windows have a wall thickness of 2.4 mm to optimize its noise reduction properties.

The innovative profile designs with multi-chamber technology and up to three sealing levels help improve the window’s sound reduction properties and increase the comfort of your home. Depending on the noise intensity, windows can also be equipped with sound-insulating glazing. 

Raising the bar on safety

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. Our doors and windows come with galvanized steel reinforcement and top-notch hardware to provide unmatched security.

upvc windows Burglary protection

High UV Resistance

Our profiles are subjected to the rigid UV test to ensure that they have better UV resistance even under the harsh Indian weather conditions. The higher tropical compound in the raw material adds to the resistance efficiency of the profiles and provides colour stability to the product to make it look new even after years of use. Profiles ensures no de-coloration and warp for several years. Greater durability

Energy efficient

When it comes to thermal efficiency, the non-conducting uPVC is the ideal choice for windows and doors. Meticulous installation and imported hardware guarantee excellent insulation and great energy efficiency, thus saving on heating or air-conditioning costs.

Modern window systems

Profiles contribute significantly to lowering energy consumption and heating costs as well as to reducing associated CO2 emissions. 

An important ecological advantage of uPVC is that it is 100 % recyclable.

Recycling windows upvc windows and doors

Flaunt your personal style

Own your space by making your interiors reflect your refined taste and stand out. We offer 100%customization to give you the precise design you are looking for.

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