Types of uPVC Doors

Only the very best of raw materials go into your uPVC products that guarantee sturdiness and performance beyond compare even under extreme weather conditions they may be exposed to.

Foldable Doors
Door opening 95%

Foldable Doors

TARANA Slide and Fold Door cand effortlessly connect your inside space with the environment outside. 

Multi Sliding Doors
Door opening 67%

Multi sliding Doors

The sash can be slid to the side to open the door. Integrated uPVC interlock guarantees perfect tightness

Combination Doors
Light ventilation 90%

Combination Doors

Usually, combinations are fixed with casement windows or sliding windows. Offers interesting design options. 

uPVC Doors Price

Taranas’ uPVC doors are high-quality, technologically advanced uPVC doors at an affordable price.

Sliding Doors Price


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Sliding Doors with Mesh Price


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Casement Doors Price


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Foldable Doors Price


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